New Department of Health and Human Services Exercise Guidelines

As the U.S. economy has morphed from manufacturing to service-based, our lifestyles have become more sedentary. Today, U.S. workers burn about 140 fewer calories a day than in 1960.

In response to numerous studies on the state of the nation’s health, the federal government recently updated its physical activity recommendations for the first time in 10 years:

  • Get at least 22 minutes a day – a minimum of 150 minutes a week – of movement that increases your heart rate
  • Do a muscle-strengthening activity at least two days a week

The benefits are numerous, including reduced anxiety, improved sleep, enhanced blood sugar control, better cognitive acuity, and reduced risk of heart disease and certain cancers.1

1 Allison Aubrey. NPR. Nov. 12, 2018. “New Physical Activity Guidelines Urge Americans: Move More, Sit Less.” Accessed Dec. 16, 2018.