Navigating your Long-Term Care options does not need to be an intimidating experience.

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We use easy-to-understand language to help clients better comprehend their choices. Additionally, we will help guide you through an easy process of selecting a Life Insurance Plan that makes sense for you.

Affordable, competitive rates. No hype, no obligation.

Long-Term Care Strategies are becoming more prevalent in today's planning.  Protecting yourself and loved ones from the expensive burden on elderly care.

Here at Beacon we focus on all types of Long-Term Care Strategies.

Traditional Long-Term Care

Hybrid Long-Term Care

(Life Insurance or Asset Based)


Whether you are new to Long-Term Care or purchased a plan years ago, we are here to help you explore your plan options. We are pleased to offer you an analysis without any obligation to apply.  Beacon Capital Management is an independent agency. Therefore, we work closely with several insurance carriers and plans so we can help customize a solution that fits your needs.

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