Episode 15: The Ulimate Retirement Checklist

Published on: Jun 5, 2020


There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to retirement. That’s why, when it comes to retirement planning, it’s easy to miss something. In this episode, we talk about the most important things to get right in your retirement planning.

We’ll also discuss:

  • Taxes in Retirement
  • Retirement Planning for Reliable Income
  • Your Income Gap in Retirement
  • Fees on Your Retirement
  • Inflation and Your Retirement Plan
  • Estate Planning, Taxes, and More

Host Ben Christy interviews Beacon Capital Management’s CEO, Senior Partner, and Co-Owner, Jon Maxson, as well as Beacon’s Executive Vice President and Financial Advisor, Dan Benson for episode #50 of the Beacon Retirement Strategies Podcast: The Ultimate Retirement Checklist.

A comprehensive plan for retirement will take all the different factors and decisions you’ll face about your retirement into account. Remember, it’s important to be collaborating with a team of people, all working arm-in-arm to help you unpack and uncover every aspect of your retirement. You need to look at each and every piece of the puzzle. You can’t have one without the other. A comprehensive plan identifies each of these pieces and creates a roadmap for how we’re going to overcome the obstacles that will eventually come our way. 

Beacon Capital Management will make sure you’re covered from every angle, all under one roof. We want to help you create a plan to maximize the benefit of the hard work you’ve poured into your family.

For a truly comprehensive approach to retirement planning, schedule a call with us today!

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