The Value Of A Second Opinion

Hear a personal story from Beacon Capital Management’s Co-Founder and CEO, Jon Maxson on how a single second opinion changed his future.


Jon Maxson, Co-Founder, and CEO – “The Value of a Second Opinion”

Our Journey

It’s an amazing journey that my wife and I have been on. Like many couples, we met in college and graduated. And one of the first things we did once we got jobs and started working is we wanted to start a family. We’re both from a really close big family. So that was really important to us. Actually, after trying multiple treatments and being unable to get pregnant, we were told that the only avenue for us was to adopt. So we went back to a fertility doctor that we had been being treated by and tried several other things. And along those lines had a miscarriage, which is really emotional, especially if you’ve come out of a long season of trying to have a baby and then losing two private adoptions. But really, and truly after about a decade, a little over a decade of trying all these different treatments and trying the adoption route, we had pretty much just given up that we were not meant to be parents, that we were not going to have children of our own, that having kids just wasn’t a part of God’s plans for our life.

A New Expert

And I remember one day, very clearly she came home. She had heard about a new doctor. It wasn’t new in Nashville, but it was someone she had never heard of before. Really kind of reluctantly I agreed because I knew it was important to my wife to go and get this second opinion from this new doctor that we were referred to. Kind of waiting on the doctor, he was late. I was a little irritated with that because I have a busy schedule. And I remember just thinking, this is no different. It’s like everything else in the past. We went into this gentleman’s private office and I’ll never forget. He sat down with us and took the next 45 minutes and just got to know us.

Asking the Right Questions

He said, Jon, tell me what you do for a living. Maryanne, tell me what you do for a living. It was unbelievable that a fertility specialist that was as well known as he was, for example, one of the days we were there, the Wall Street Journal was interviewing him because of his success. Would take 45 minutes out of his day and not talk to us about the treatment, but talk to us about us as individuals, what our goals were, what our objectives were. And of course, he knew those, but I’ll never forget after 45 minutes of visiting with us and just getting to know us, he put his hand on our medical file which was massive at that point, because of all the treatments and things we had gone through. And he looked at me and he said, Jon, I have no idea why your wife and you cannot have a kid. Why you can’t get pregnant.


He said, but if you will trust me for 30 days, he said, I’m going to run a bunch of tests, and he said, after 30 days, I’ll be able to tell you what’s going on and whether or not we can help you. And for the first time in a long time, it was believable to me. And what made me believe that was that he took the time to get to know us personally. We weren’t just a number where he was going to do another treatment. And so for the next 30 days, we went through a series of tests, both my wife and I, and then came back to see him and sat in his private office and he went through a bunch of stuff that to this day, I don’t completely understand, but he brought it down to a basic level that not only could we understand what he was saying, but it was believable. And that gave us the hope of walking down a road to trusting somebody else again that maybe we could have a different outcome than the outcomes we had experienced for over 11 years at that point.


And it’s hard to put into words the feeling when you have a physician look at you and look at your wife and tell you that you’re expecting a baby. The amount of joy and tears that we shed was just unbelievable. And so now that boy is almost 16-years-old. He’s been joined by two younger brothers, one 13 and one who is 10. And every day I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness in our journey and the value of a second opinion. And I’ve asked myself many times what if my reluctance, because of the past experiences had not led me to say, yeah, I’ll go and get another opinion. I’ll get one more opinion to help see if we can actually accomplish this amazing goal that we have and how that has changed the trajectory of my wife’s life and my life. And that now we have three amazing sons that we’re privileged to be the parents of each and every day.

The Second Opinion That Changed Our Future

I think it’s natural to doubt the power of a second opinion because the reason that you need a second opinion in most cases is that you’re disappointed in the first opinion or experiences of the past. But you’ll never know what the possibilities are and that there can be an amazing outcome unless you take that step. It’s almost a step of faith to go and get a second opinion. And when you do that, just maybe it can change the trajectory of your life. I’ve seen that happen in my life, and I personally will never forget the value of getting that second opinion.

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