5 Retirement Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make (And Strategies to Address Them)

Building, running, and growing a company is tough. Business owners have countless responsibilities and too few hours in the day. Often, in the midst of fulfilling your professional priorities, you end up putting your personal financial life on the back burner. If you have not prepared for your retirement, you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs think growing a business is all they need to retire. However, just having a business does not automatically mean you have a retirement strategy in place.

To help ensure that you can experience retirement on your terms—rather than reacting to what life or the business world throws your way—you need to proactively address these items TODAY.

Small-business owners are an essential component of America’s economy. Too often, however, a small-business owner spends so much time and energy building their company that they neglect their personal financial future.

With this report, our goal is to show business owners how to maximize the value of their companies with business strategies that may also help them prepare for retirement.

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