Financial Planning in Tennessee

Beacon’s FREE Financial Plan Checkup is a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your current retirement plan. It’s your FREE second opinion! You may be surprised to see the amount of risk, fees, and missed tax-saving opportunities in your current portfolio.

You deserve to feel confident in your retirement plan.

Schedule a complimentary conversation with a financial advisor in Franklin, TN today.

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The Value of a Second Opinion

Hear how getting a second opinion changed the life trajectory of Beacon Capital Management’s CEO Jon Maxson.

When planning for the big things in your life, a second opinion just makes sense – and your financial future is pretty important.

At Beacon, we offer a free second opinion of your current retirement plan, and we’d love to discuss that with you.


Financial planning isn’t just about having enough for retirement.

The Financial Plan Checkup covers every aspect of your life in retirement:

  • Will you have enough to cover healthcare expenses?
  • Will your life insurance cover unforeseen circumstances?
  • Will you be able to leave the legacy you’ve dreamed of?
  • Can you continue to give as generously?
  • Will you have enough income to sustain the lifestyle you want?
  • How will market volatility, inflation, and taxes impact you?

Don’t let these questions keep you up at night. Now is the time to get your FREE second opinion!


Market volatility is inevitable. Don’t let the next downturn catch you off guard! This free guide reveals how markets have historically reacted after downturns and the steps you can take to minimize the impact to your financial plan.

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Complete Your Financial Plan Checkup

Create A
Personalized Strategy

Take the first step today. Schedule your Free Financial Plan Checkup, and rest easy, knowing that you have a plan for the most important parts of your life. 

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Investing in every area of your life

Beacon Capital Management understands how your financial goals impact every stage of life. Our financial advisors will provide a clear strategy covering the five priorities.






What you get during the FREE Financial Plan Checkup

  • Risk Analysis and Assessment of Your Current Financial Situation & Goals
  • Projection of Current Income Plan and Financial Longevity
  • Current Financial plan Fee Report
  • Investment Portfolio Performance & Risk Analysis
  • Identify Gaps & Opportunities In Your Financial Plan
  • Tax Analysis & Tax Strategy Insights

Don’t let the market volatility derail your financial goals.

Beacon Capital Management can help you consider all your priorities or maybe even uncover new ones. Together, we’ll work with you to create a personalized plan that aligns with your priorities, needs, and goals. You’ll be able to walk the path laid out for you with confidence as our advisors guide you every step of the way.

Take the first step today. Schedule your Free Financial Plan Checkup, and move forward with confidence, knowing that you have a plan for the most important parts of your life.

Schedule a conversation today and build a strategy for what matters most to you.

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