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Investment and Income Planning | Tax-Efficient Strategies | Healthcare Planning | Legacy and Estate Planning

At Beacon, we take a comprehensive financial planning approach to managing the most important areas of your life.

Investment and Income Planning | Tax-Efficient Strategies | Healthcare Planning | Legacy and Estate Planning

WEBINAR: State of the Market in 2022

Stock market pressure, inflation, supply chain disruption, looming tax increases, and geopolitical conflicts are all affecting Americans to varying degrees – which is why Beacon Co-Founder and CEO, Jon Maxson will discuss the below concerns:

    • Where the market is and where we anticipate it’s going
    • Why this is happening
    • The biggest risks to your portfolio, and
    • Your options.

    A FREE Financial Plan Checkup Includes:

    Risk Analysis and Assessment of Your Current Financial Situation & Goals

    Projection of Current Income Plan and Financial Longevity

    Current Financial Plan Fee Report

    Investment Portfolio Performance & Risk Analysis

    Identify Gaps & Opportunities in Your Financial Plan

    Tax Analysis & Tax Strategy Insights


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    Download your 2022 Investment and Retirement Bundle

    Our latest resource to help guide you in protecting your investments so you can prepare for the future with confidence, even in a year like this.

    More free guides for you to download

    Social Security in Retirement

    When should you draw benefits? How do spousal benefits work? It’s important to know how integrating Social Security benefits into your retirement income plan can play a role in your financial strategy.

    Learn how and when to start collecting.

    Inflation in Retirement

    Are you prepared for rising costs? In this guide, we’ll explore some of the common questions about inflation, including what it is, what causes it, and why it can be a good indicator of a healthy economy.

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    Taxes in Retirement

    Learn about the four steps you can take to put yourself in a position to save money on taxes in retirement, including steps on: Social Security, Roth IRA, Roth 401K, and more!

    Learn the tax-saving strategies that are best for you!

    Retirement Income Planning Checklist

    Retiring successfully is never an accident. And you need to be 100% certain you haven’t overlooked or underestimated anything.


    Get your free checklist! 

    Building Tax-Free Income in Retirement

    Index Universal Life Insurance offers more than most people might expect. It provides you with income-tax-free death benefit protection for your beneficiaries.

    Learn how to diversify your taxes and assets!

    Money Enough for Life

    Written by Pete Benson and Jon Maxson, Money Enough For Life is the financial roadmap for all ages. Don’t go into retirement without a plan.

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    Estate Strategies

    Taking strategic steps to help protect your estate is a key financial choice that could help you maximize your opportunities and manage stress and confusion for your loved ones.

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    Medicare Solutions 2022 Guide

    When it comes to Medicare, simply understanding the basics can be a challenge. Know your options and costs for Medicare.

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    Fixed Indexed Annuities

    This paper written by Roger Ibbotson focuses on uncapped Fixed Indexed Annuities which, if structured properly, can help control financial market risk, mitigate longevity risk, and may outperform bonds over time.

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    Retirement For Educators

    As an educator contemplating the transition from work to retirement, you may have several questions about when and how you can retire. This report addresses common questions and offers strategies to help you prepare for a comfortable retirement.


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    Planned Giving

    Charitable giving should be a part of everyone’s financial plan. Giving responsibly requires discipline and the ability to determine whether your values reflect the mission of a charity.

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    Paying Too Much Taxes?

    Planning for retirement income starts with a plan for minimizing taxes in retirement — a tricky situation since it’s difficult to know what the future might hold.

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