Your free guide to navigating the complexities of taxation in retirement.

If you’re investing primarily to create a comfortable retirement, you’ll want to choose investments that one day will help maximize your retirement income. Part of maximizing opportunities means efficient tax planning.


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Maximize your tax efficiency on your hard-earned retirement savings!

As you plan for retirement, you face choices in investing your money.

  • Should you participate in an employer-provided plan?
  • Should you set up an IRA, and if so, does a Roth IRA make sense?
  • Should you simply invest in stocks and bonds without using a retirement vehicle?
  • How much should you invest in municipal bonds versus corporate stocks or bonds?
  • Should you buy permanent life insurance or annuities?

Understanding when your retirement income will face taxation is only part of the challenge, and precisely predicting future tax rates is nearly impossible. In this retirement tax guide, we’ll examine the current economic landscape and the increasing national debt and briefly explore the historical context of U.S. tax rates.

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