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Your financial planner should care about more than just returns.

Beacon Capital Management helps you create a strategy for the goals and priorities

that make your retirement dreams a reality.

Understanding Your Goals

Our financial advisors provide clear strategies based around your unique goals and priorities.

Clear Guidance & Advice

Get the research & insights you need to make confident decisions about your future.

All Under One Roof

Prepare for every stage of life with one clear plan. Our financial planners coordinate with multiple professionals and in-house advisors.

Don’t let taxes derail your financial plan.

Investing in every area of your life!

Beacon Capital Management understands how your financial goals impact every part of life, especially in retirement planning. Our fiduciary financial advisors will work with you to create a clear plan that covers the priorities in your life.

Income & Financial


Tax Strategy


Legacy & Estate Planning*

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Understand Your Whole Picture

Sit down with a financial advisor near Nashville, Tennessee to explore your financial goals, priorities, and mindset.

Create Your Plan

Your financial advisor will build a comprehensive plan based off of your specific needs, supported by the entire Beacon professional team.

Help You Stay On Track

Our advisor is with you every step of the way—advising and adjusting your financial plan as needed.

Understanding You

Sit down with an advisor to discover your financial goals, priorities, and mindset.

Creating your plan

Your advisor will build a comprehensive plan based off of your specific needs, supported by the entire Beacon professional team.

Helping to keep you on track

Our advisor is with you every step of the way, advising and adjusting the plan as needed.

More free retirement guides available:

Money Enough for Life

Written by Pete Benson and Jon Maxson, Money Enough For Life is the financial roadmap for all ages. Don’t go into retirement without a plan.

Download Your Free Copy Today!

4 Steps to save on Taxes

Learn about the four steps you can take to put yourself in a position to save money on taxes in retirement, including steps on:

Social Security, Roth IRA, Roth 401K, and more!

Social Security in Retirement

When should you draw benefits? How do spousal benefits work? Learn How and When to start collecting.

Download your guide today!

Estate Strategies

Taking steps to help protect your estate is a key financial choice. With proper strategies, you may be able to maximize your opportunities and help manage stress and confusion for your loved ones.

Download your guide today!

How to Care for Aging Parents

Caring for your parents can feel complex and emotional, but also rewarding. Here are the steps you can take to create your plan of care.

How to Prevent Identity Theft

Follow these tactical steps to prevent identity theft and keep your personal information out of the wrong hands. 

Retirement Messages: Crafting the Perfect Send-off for Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Finding the perfect words to make your friend, family member, or colleague feel celebrated can be challenging. Here’s how to craft memorable and creative retirement messages.

How to Avoid Child Identity Theft

Get an in-depth understanding of child identity theft, how to detect this crime, and preventive steps your family can take before it’s too late.

How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?

Understanding which factors in your life now will affect your retirement is a crucial step of financial planning. In this article, we’ll help answer a question we hear all the time: “How long will my retirement savings last?”

Is Infinite Banking a Good Strategy for Retirement?

What exactly is infinite banking? How does it differ from traditional banking? And is it right for you and your retirement? Let’s take a look.

When to Apply for Social Security

If you’re near retirement you have to make Social Security decisions, you’re clearly not alone. The good news is here at Beacon Capital Management we work to help you navigate these important life decisions.

What Is a Good Monthly Retirement Income?

As you save money for your future, have you ever projected what your monthly “paycheck” will be in retirement? The amount of monthly income you’ll need and recieve is an important number in your overall financial plan. So, what is a good monthly retirement income? Read this article to find out.

What to Do if Your Identity Is Stolen

The FBI found that senior citizens lost almost $1 billion due to scams in 2020. The average loss per victim over age 65 was $9,175—but nearly 2,000 American seniors lost $100,000 or more. Here’s what to do if identity theft happens to you.

What Is An Immediate Annuity and When Do Payments Start?

Are you approaching retirement? If so, have you lowered the risk you’re taking on in your investments yet? If you haven’t, 2023 probably stressed you out. Last year we saw several factors affecting the financial health of retirees: inflation was a big one.

Retired or Planning to Retire Soon?

Let’s get you scheduled for a FREE Financial Plan Checkup to discuss strategies that could help protect your savings and address potential risks to your future.

Complimentary retirement guidance!

Explore deeper into the experience of Jon, Pete, and Dan as they share their collective wisdom gleaned from years of retirement planning and financial advisory.

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You Need a Complete Financial Plan

Securing the priorities in your life is more than just reaching a financial number. You have goals for every stage of your life and reaching these goals requires a plan that is built on your priorities.

At Beacon Capital Management, we help our clients in Franklin, TN and the Nashville area develop financial strategies that cover the most important areas in life. Our highly-credentialed advisors will guide you through our process to ensure your unique goals and priorities are covered.

Schedule a conversation today and build a strategy that puts you first.

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