Social Security Guide

Do you know how and when to start drawing Social Security benefits? When should you draw benefits? How do spousal benefits work? Why are there so many rules to Social Security? How do you maximize your benefits?


  • Why poor planning could cost you
  • Who you should consult with first
  • How Medicare should factor in your decision

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes our emotions get in the way of building and protecting wealth? Emotions like confidence, nervousness, defeat, hope and more go hand-in-hand with investing. In a volatile market, it's important—and even beneficial—to keep a healthy...

How Does Medicare Work? Top 12 Questions Answered

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Trying to understand the basics of Medicare can give you a headache, and even experienced Medicare recipients may have questions about their coverage. In this article, I’ll try to answer the most common questions I hear about Medicare.

How to Vet a Charity

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Your charity of choice should be aligned with your values and the way you believe a charity should be run, and be legitimate. Let’s talk about how to vet a charity to make sure it’s valid and genuine.

Our Strategy in a Volatile Market

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Americans are worried about this volatile market and if the future they’ve been working toward is safe. Here’s what it means for your retirement and what we’re doing about it.

What to Do if Your Identity Is Stolen

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The FBI found that senior citizens lost almost $1 billion due to scams in 2020. The average loss per victim over age 65 was $9,175—but nearly 2,000 American seniors lost $100,000 or more. Here’s what to do if identity theft happens to you.

What Is Retirement Income Planning?

Reviewed by Pete Benson, Co-founder of Beacon. Do you have a plan for your retirement? If you do, are you totally confident in your retirement plan? If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone. Unfortunately, only 36% of non-retired adults describe their retirement as...

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What Is a Gun Trust?

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A gun trust is used to transfer gun ownership after death. Setting up a gun trust should keep the gun out of a lengthy probate process when someone dies. If you’re a gun owner, the last thing you want is for the court to decide who gets your family firearms.

3 Strategies for Retirement Tax Planning

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Did you know there are different tax buckets your retirement investments can go into? The buckets you choose will have big implications both now and later. And when it comes to retirement tax planning, diversification is key.

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