Social Security Guide for Retirement

Do you know how and when to start drawing Social Security benefits for retirement? How do spousal benefits work? Why are there so many rules to Social Security? How do you maximize your benefits?


It’s important to know how integrating Social Security benefits into your retirement income plan can play a role in your overall financial strategy.

But Social Security is rarely straightforward. Just like every other facet of retirement income planning, there are strategies you can employ to potentially maximize the benefits you are eligible to receive.

That’s what this guide is for. To help you understand your options to maximize your Social Security benefits.

There are strategies a financial professional could help you implement that may identify income gaps and help reduce the risk of outliving your money, so after downloading this guide, be sure to talk to a financial advisor.


  • Why poor Social Security benefit planning could cost you big in retirement
  • Your options for when to take your Social Security benefit distributions and what it could mean for your retirement
  • How spousal benefits work, including divorce and death of a spouse
  • How a job will impact your Social Security benefits
  • Who you should consult with first
  • How long-term care and Medicare should factor in your decisions
  • …and much more!

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For non-retirement-related Social Security questions, please visit the Social Security Administration.

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