Create An Estate Plan:

The Probate Process

Complimentary lunch presentations with Special Guest Speaker From Knight Legal, Ryan Knight, Attorney At Law.



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Many of us hope to leave something behind for our loved ones when we pass away. But the probate process is complex. To understand how to better manage the sometimes costly probate process, or bypass it altogether, join us for an Estate Planning Lunch and Learn where we will discuss what probate is and how the process works along with much more!

  • Are your assets at risk if you go into a nursing home?
  • Could you lose your assets based on your children’s circumstances, like divorces, lawsuits, high taxes, or poor financial decisions?
  • Can you keep your family from being burdened by the costly expenses and time associated with probate from unforeseen events, such as your untimely disability or death?
  • Are all of your important legal documents in order and up to date?

Where: Franklin Office, 751 Cool Springs Blvd. Suite 106, Franklin, TN

*A pre-packaged box lunch will be provided.

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