What Is The Tax Impact On Your Retirement?

Published on: Nov 28, 2020

If you get hit with an unexpected expense when you’re still working chances are you’ll recover quickly, because you’re still collecting a paycheck. But if you’re caught off guard with an unexpected expense when you’re retired it could force you to go back to work, or put a serious dent in your lifestyle. In this episode, we discuss 6 underestimated expenses that could blindside you in retirement, here are the highlights:

  • Why you could be paying a lot more taxes than you know.
  • The ugly truth about the skyrocketing cost of healthcare and long-term care expenses.
  • Plus, what Bloomberg news claims is a $150,000 expense – that you’re not accounting for.

Host Ben Christy interviews Beacon Capital Management’s Senior Partner and Co-Owner, Pete Benson, and CEO and Co-Owner Jon Maxson, for this episode of the Beacon Retirement Strategies Radio Show: What Is The Tax Impact On Your Retirement Money?

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