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Our Strategy in a Volatile Market

NEW WEBINAR: Navigating Market Volatility in 2022

Market volatility has the most impact on people in, or approaching, retirement.

That’s why we created a brand-new “Navigating Market Volatility” webinar—where Beacon Co-Founder and CEO Jon Maxson discusses:


  • Why volatility affects retirees today more than it used to
  • 4 strategies that don’t work anymore
  • ​​​​​​​How to use whatever amount of time you have to your advantage

It took you years of hard work to create your wealth, and the last thing you want to do is miss critical gaps that can cost you big in retirement. 

Our FREE Financial Plan Checkup is a comprehensive analysis of your investments and retirement plan, including income planning, tax strategies, investments, healthcare, estate planning, and more.  

It’s a Retirement Tax Savings Analysis, a Retirement Income Analysis, and a Social Security Analysis all in one! 

Get your no-pressure, no-cost, no-obligation second opinion – so you can feel confident about your financial future. 

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Your FREE Financial Plan Checkup Includes:

Risk Analysis and Assessment of Your Current Financial Situation & Goals
Projection of Current Income Plan and Financial Longevity
Current Financial Plan Fee Report
Investment Portfolio Performance & Risk Analysis
Identify Gaps & Opportunities in Your Financial Plan
Tax Analysis & Tax Strategy Insights

The results are yours to keep, along with a straightforward picture of steps you can take to cover all the important areas of retirement planning.

Already have a financial advisor? No problem!

We would still like to offer you a free second opinion because, for something as big as your financial future, a second opinion just makes sense.

People take the time to meet with us and look over their current plan because they want to be educated, feel confident, and not leave any opportunities on the table.

Request Your Free Financial Plan Checkup Today!

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Download your 2022 Investment and Retirement Bundle

Our latest resource to help guide you in protecting your investments so you can prepare for the future with confidence, even in a year like this.

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