Your guide to preparing your retirement for a recession.

Concerned about a recession robbing you of your retirement? You aren’t alone! This guide will look at five areas you may need to address to help ensure your retirement plan can withstand a drop in the market.

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Don’t let the market dictate your lifestyle. 

If economists start pointing to signs of a recession, it is natural to feel anxious. Retirees on a fixed income or those getting ready to begin retirement can feel especially vulnerable.

The economy may be unpredictable, but your retirement income doesn’t have to be. You can get a clear picture of where your finances stand and create a plan that takes worst-case scenarios into account. You deserve to feel confident about your retirement—even in a recession.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to account for your expenses and inflation in your retirement plan

  • How to take proper inventory of your assets

  • What kind of risk tolerance you can withstand

  • Whether or not you’ll have an income gap and how to close it

  • How to do a financial plan checkup for free

You worked hard for retirement. Don’t let a recession rob you of your dream.

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